17 million cycle trips in Birmingham a year: No way!?

A recent report from Sustrans; part of a report detailing progress and attitudes to cycling across 7 cities in the UK; reported on Birmingham.

This graphic drawn from the report pulls out a few key messages.

Cycling Birmingham

Quite impressive really – I couldn’t believe the overall figure for cycling trips. But how do we compare to other cities. The report doesn’t help with any handy cross comparisons but I have pulled out the following table by looking at each cities figures. These figures were drawn from a number of sources including up to date surveys in each city.

Cycling UK

This unfortunately doesn’t show Birmingham in a good light. The City is ranked last in 3 out 5 measures of and second to last in another two.

So for instance in Bristol 23% of respondents rode a bike at least once a week whilst in Birmingham the figure was 12%.

This is the first of two surveys which are tracking the impact of the significant investment in cycling that is happening across many of these UK cities. Birmingham is investing over £50m in improving its cycling facilities in the coming few years. The next survey in 2017 will hopefully see the City improve on its overall cycling position and perhaps move up a position or two in the rankings.

The overall report and the city reports can be accessed from here



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